A Love Poem

I tried to write you a love poem. I said I’d always keep you in my heart. But then there you were, looking lost on shaky footing all covered with blood while my heart jumped and thundered around you.

In my heart didn’t seem like such a nice place to be.

You nearly suffocated in my pocket. And I couldn’t keep you on my mind because there wasn’t enough room between my brain and my skull.

So I told you you were sweet and that I wanted to lick you all over and devour you. The licking was ok, I think you even liked it. But when I started to devour you, you threatened to call the cops.

I said your eyes burned like fire and ice. I said my fingers tattooed love across your satin skin. I said you were the sun, the stars, and the moon and watched your eyeless tattooed body explode, expand, and then harden and cool.

I tried to write you a love poem. I said I’d cherish each and every piece of you. And I do. Even if they’re starting to stink.